Most new starters joining NDC have little or no experience of working in the electronics service repair industry. That’s why tailored training and development is essential in teaching our people how we like to get things done.

rig_rawDelivering a consistently excellent service to our customers is what we’re here for and no two days at NDC are the same. You’ll be faced with varied issues and tasks and be encouraged to think of new approaches to tackle those issues. It’s an environment in which you’ll be constantly learning and developing your skills.

Diverse opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to diversify within the business. From working in different countries, to operating out on site rather than at the bench – you could even change discipline altogether and move from engineering into one of our support functions.

Everything in NDC is driven from a technical point of view so, no matter what your role, learning and understanding our industry is where you’ll start.

Graduate Apprenticeships

We offer a comprehensive three-year programme to graduates who want to become electronics repair engineers. We support and develop graduates in using the academic skills they’ve learnt during their degree and applying them practically in industry. If required, we also offer support with further education. All our engineers are assessed and offered mentoring with our senior engineers to help them further develop.

Tailored learning

Most of the engineers who join us are educated to degree-level. However, we treat every applicant on a case-by-case basis and offer additional support, either academically or technically, where we can. We also provide comprehensive training in electrical safety and Health & Safety.



While every individual working at NDC has their own targets and objectives, we always need to work as a team to deliver the best service we can. To that aim, we have team away days and hold annual team-building events to get everyone out of the office and lab and tackling different sorts of problems – like how to avoid paint balls!


Keeping our employees informed of our priorities and goals not only helps us to grow and develop the business. It also helps keep our people engaged and demonstrates how they make a valued contribution every day to the success of NDC.